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Studying abroad is a decision that needs analysis of several aspects before you decide a country, course, and the university. There are several questions that you and your parents need an answer to. Where to study, which university would be right, what course would be perfect based on your interest and career goals, and what is the process for getting the visa. Moreover, to have information about the education system, admission procedures, and other associated aspects for a safe and fruitful study pathway in a country is equally crucial.

This is where you need the help of an experienced and skilled education consultant who knows the education system of the country you are travelling to really well. An education consultant can assist you in choosing a right career path and that is perfect for you. They can help you with the process of applying for visas, admission applications, and can offer suggestions on anything you need.

However, you will find a confusingly large number of education agencies offering career counselling, visa assistance. This is why, finding the right education agency is a challenge. Avoid the money making pseudo agents laying traps for innocent students with unrealistic and lucrative offers.

i-Ed Australia is managed by Mrs Chinthica Wijekulasuriya, a qualified trainer with over 30 years of international education industry experience based in Melbourne provide you honest guidance and assistance in the choice of a right career path.

Career Counselling

Our qualified and experienced education counselors shall help you make the right decision regarding your course selection keeping in mind your interest, educational background, financial strength, and future career prospects. We guide the students to make the right career choice or suggest alternatives if we know there’s something better.


Once we’ve worked out your personal and professional goals, the next step is admission. We shall short list the best possible college or university depending on your merit, suitability of course, and finances, and submit your application to obtain the letter of offer. We make our students meet the representatives of various universities directly clearing all their doubts and help them get on spot admission offers when available.

English Requirement

Most students will need to meet English language requirements to gain entry into their course and receive a student visa. We have a separate qualified team to assist you and guide you to undertake IELTS tests. We also will provide guidance for TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT etc.


Wherever and whenever possible we guide the students to all available scholarships deserving to them according to their merits. We help you to get scholarships offered by the University as per your academic performances.

Health Insurance (OSHC)

In Australia, Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a mandatory requirement of your student visa. OSHC also gives you peace of mind knowing your health will be looked after you can easily access medical services while you are in Australia – so you can focus on your studies and enjoying your time there.

Visa Guidance

Once the student has secured an offer letter from the institution and paid the fee, we help them in preparing the different documentation required to obtain the student visa. Our visa assistance team is professionally qualified and has extensive knowledge and expertise in this field. We have an excellent visa success rate and a reputation of giving genuine unparalleled assistance and guidance for visa facilitation.

Pre Departure Assistance

Our counsellors provide country briefings which include sharing information about country’s topography, climates, religion, society, economics, government, and law. The session precisely point out the various facets of the student life to help them to cope up with the academic as well as the cultural pressure that the students are to experience on the foreign land. We have a strong student network and bond with our satisfied old students. We will connect you to other students via our head office in Melbourne. We will provide required guidance on part time work, accommodation assistance and provide information on rules and regulations.

At your Destination

We keep in touch with all our students via our Melbourne office till they finish their course, guiding them at every stage and provide up to date information about rules and guidelines. Our Melbourne office will be your first point of contact if you need any advice, support or facing any difficulties while your stay in Australia. We are right here to support you.


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